About Astara

For more than twenty years, Astara Roth has been a dedicated yoga instructor, teaching in various styles: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot, and Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga. As a Dance Major in college and a student at both the Guild for Structural Integration (Rolfing) and the Rocky Mountain School of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, Astara has devoted her life to healing through movement and bodywork since 1998. 

In her twenties, Astara co-owned two yoga studios in New York: New Paltz Yogashala and Saratoga Yoga. After a serious car accident left her immobile for almost a year, she gave up the studios and moved to Boulder, Colorado to heal her body and nervous system. Spending countless hours injured, humbled, and frustrated, she learned the value of facing unspeakable challenges and moving through physical pain as a tool for deeper healing. Today, as a private yoga instructor, Astara’s intention is to help all students to meet the light and dark within themselves equally—with acceptance and love—and to begin the unfoldment of healing that starts with their physical bodies.

Specializing in helping clients with physical injuries and emotional trauma, Astara implements her own blend of personal yoga and bodywork. The idea is to assist us in returning to greater fluidity and ease than ever before. She develops individualized sequences that allow both healing and the rediscovery of our body’s natural intelligence. 

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